Triskelion: Galumphing for Love

• June 21st, 2021

Light-Hearted Action

Hieron is a wolven fisherman, but he fishes in the seas of a great gas giant for the rarest meat of all--Galumphrey, the morsels of the mighty, the delicacies of the decadent. More precious than gold. Hieron hopes to make money to start a new life with Eyrie, a beautiful wolven of house emerald vines in bloom.


For those of you who stuck around, my only regret is not being able to make the stories more enjoyable. That was always my goal, entertainment. Hope you crack a smile or two at my voice acting at least! Thank you so much for listening. It meant a lot to me.

--Michael Doyle

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Triskelion 21: Weaponize Me

• December 30th, 2020

Epic Action Intrigue

The space platforms splinter and crack, circling the collapsed star. The fugitive copies of Zero Squared are in hiding. The portal to Reality Prime is being opened, but at the cost of the Triskelion itself to reach Zero Squared's senses-shattering conclusion!

Flesh of my Flesh Finale!

A Triskelion Prime Reality & Black Citadel Story: Weaponize Me!

13 has been captured. Six and Seven are holed up in hiding. The remaining Zero Squared has all she needs to open the gate to reality prime. A rakal foundress has been quietly watching events unfold and suddenly realizes there may be no tomorrow if she does not act now!

Discover the fate of the Black Citadel

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Triskelion 20: The Crowning of the Usurper Monarch

• July 15th, 2020

Epic Action Intrigue

The fate of the Rakal Throneworld! Jump in for a wild ride or enjoy Triskelion 14, 15, and 16 to land on T'ka fully armed!

Flesh of my Flesh Chapter 6

A Triskelion Prime Reality & Black Citadel Story: The Crowning of the Usurper Monarch

The Court Jesters are accusing Ghoura of matricide! His sister Fen-fen has sacrificed her jumpship, so he can escape. Who set up Ghoura? Who is purging the Royal family? Princess Fendoularata with the forerunner alien Flourish attempt to infiltrate the Palladium as plasma weapons scorch the air around them.

T'ka's sixth dynasty begins here!

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Triskelion 19: Slop Job

• June 16th, 2020

character driven - suspense

Flesh of my Flesh Chapter 5

A Triskelion Black Citadel Story: Slop Job

Jack and 0 13 268 are alternating consciousness and control of his body. The power plants of the Black Citadel are being pushed past their limit, threatening the city. As 0 13 searches to find a way to oppose Zero Squared, Jack determines to stake his own territory amid all the slop.

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Triskelion 18: A Prayer for 0 13 268

• May 31st, 2020

speculative - suspense

Flesh of my Flesh Chapter 4

A Triskelion Black Citadel Story: A Prayer for 0 13 268

Jack has escaped with the brain in a suitcase, but 0 13 268 is dying. She is dying with the knowledge that the Citadel is in danger. Their only hope? Duplicate the original experiment that merged Zero and Sam, but can Jack accept 0, heart, mind, body, and soul for the opportunity to gain root access to the Citadel?

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Triskelion 17: Jaguar and the Living Brain

• May 18th, 2020

character driven - action

Flesh of my Flesh Chapter 3

A Triskelion Black Citadel Story: Jaguar and the Living Brain

Jack Paul lives in a run-down tenement on the colossal Black Citadel. He wants to escape. He wants to live in the shadowy depths of the Citadel away from the wilding tenements. Running away, Jack Paul runs into something he never expected.

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Triskelion 16: Circling the Drain

• May 17th, 2020

character driven - intrigue

Flesh of my Flesh Chapter 2 

A Triskelion Black Citadel Story: Circling the Drain

The military of the Black Citadel has begun building vast drydocks and construction of a new fleet is underway. Zero Squared meets with the Citadel leader, Grand Marshall Ghourababadaroum, hoping to extend Project Omega Alpha. Project OA, not military strength, she believes, is her best hope to escape the Cel Arthro that have ravaged the Triskelion homeworlds and colonies.

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Triskelion 15: Original Backup

• May 10th, 2020

suspense - world building 

New story arc creates a dimensional rift to allow you to jump on here with minimal cellular disruption!

Flesh of my Flesh Chapter 1 

A Triskelion Black Citadel Story: Original Backup

“Our homeworlds are barren.  Humanity is dying.  The last remnants are still arriving on their patchwork arks from distant colonies.  Humanity, huddled up around a black hole, hides from the Cel Arthro.  We’re the termites in the walls of the universe hoping not to be noticed by the new owners.”  --Attributed to Chief Scientist Zero Squared, Unity Government, Black Citadel

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Triskelion 14: A Ronin on the Rakal Throneworld Part 2

• April 19th, 2020

epic - intrigue - action

The Great Fall, the Great Awakening, the impending coronation, Ghoura must bend them all in his pursuit of war with the entelechy that wiped out Planet Salacris. This is a 2-hour epic when combined with Triskelion 13.

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out." -I, Claudius

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Triskelion 13: A Ronin on the Rakal Throneworld

• March 25th, 2020

epic - intrigue - action

11 brothers and sisters all vying for the throne. It means nothing to him. All he wants is war.

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Triskelion 12: Whirlpool

• January 12th, 2020

suspense - world building

The Cel have devoured the major wolven-human colony planet Salacris. One of the 12 rakalian founder caste princelings has been dispatched by a confederacy of rakalian congregations to bear witness and attend a memorial on Planet Salacris. Pampered since birth, Prince Gourababadourum finds himself immersed in the tombstone planet.

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Triskelion 11: Fetal Princess Anxiety

• December 2nd, 2019

suspense - world building

The Cel Arthro devour.

An unwilling diplomat. A maddened refugee. One is the pebble before the avalanche and presages the Cel Arthro invasion of colony planet Salacris; the other fights her own demons as the Cel swarms her home. The triskelion species form the Unity military. Colony Salacris, a discovered Goldilocks planet, had been home to over a billion humans and wolven.


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Triskelion 10: DownTown BeatDown

• August 25th, 2019

Fast-paced - action oriented

After encountering Triptych in Episode 9 Family, Sam and Zero must decide if they want to hunt for an unknown forerunner planet when their hand is suddenly forced.

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Triskelion 09: Family

• August 11th, 2019

contemplative & character driven - action

Triptych, the wolven navigator who survived calamity in jump space, has signed on with another wolven house, yet another ill-fated crew. But Trip refuses to lose another crew. He takes the curse upon himself and seeks help from the USSF dogfighter duo, Sam and Zero. 

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Tales of Triskelion: Lazarus in the Tomb

• July 1st, 2019

contemplative & character-driven - world building

A metal world. An iron cored planetoid, bored through by robotic drills seeking gold. The corporation is long since gone, but miners still live and seek and struggle in the terraformed tunnels, generation after generation - delving underneath subterranean mountains.

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Triskelion 07: The Lone Wolven Triptych

• June 22nd, 2019

Contemplative & character-driven

I wanted one last loving look at the one thing on this colonial outpost closest to a hook in my heart. I’d reached the final exit before resigning myself to the easy downslope of my willfully chosen addiction and alcoholism.

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Triskelion 06: Paterfamilias

• June 22nd, 2019

contemplative & character-driven

When the Paterfamilias of a wolven house, or the alpha wolf in vulgarian, is incapacitated the house may collapse in strife. Frequently a diaspora occurs as surviving members seek refuge in related houses. However, a spacer merchant house engages in star-spanning merchant runs. A young prince must confront the reality that the alternative to usurping the Paterfamilias - a frozen death in the vacuum of space.

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Triskelion 05: 10 Seconds to Kill

• June 8th, 2019


The war buzzer sounded and would continue to sound in my skull for 10 seconds, creating a full autonomic fight splurge from my endocrines.  

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Triskelion 04: Pilot and Copilot

• June 8th, 2019

Pilot and Copilot is a great jumping-on point, pairs well with 10 Seconds to Kill

How fast do you need to be to dogfight in space? How fast do you have to be to protect an asteroid colony with only one thin bubble to protect your colonists from the vacuum in space? The rogue fighter cannot be allowed an opportunity to strike. Every second to scramble counts. Strapped to the operating table, dogfighter pilot Samuel De Griffith is prepped to meet his AI copilot Zero.

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Triskelion 03: Birth of the Rakal Dynastic Wars

• May 1st, 2018

world building - action

As a species, we rakal are in a sociological box canyon. If Thoora and I are successful, our posterity, you, will birth a new rakalian congregation that hearkens to the age of blood to leap forward to lead future generations of rakal among the stars.

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