Triskelion 20: The Crowning of the Usurper Monarch

Epic Action Intrigue

The fate of the Rakal Throneworld! Jump in for a wild ride or enjoy Triskelion 14, 15, and 16 to land on T'ka fully armed!

Flesh of my Flesh Chapter 6

A Triskelion Prime Reality & Black Citadel Story: The Crowning of the Usurper Monarch

The Court Jesters are accusing Ghoura of matricide! His sister Fen-fen has sacrificed her jumpship, so he can escape. Who set up Ghoura? Who is purging the Royal family? Princess Fendoularata with the forerunner alien Flourish attempt to infiltrate the Palladium as plasma weapons scorch the air around them.

T'ka's sixth dynasty begins here!

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